As the #1 vendor of cloud-based solutions for professional services organizations, WQsoftwares software solutions drive high performance in professional services organizations.

We Provide best in class solutions in the domain of Enterprise level Known as one of the best IT Company in the Market. We customized every Application in the term of design (GUI & Graphics) & functionalities to meet up the specific requirement of client. We also offer Applications development ready to integrate plug-ins. Following are the Applications development domain, WQsoftwares has experience in.

MIS Solutions MIS Solutions

WQsoftwares provide Specific MIS solutions for the specific MIS needs. The MIS provided by the company have a strong back bone of balanced database architecture. Our MIS solutions give output in the various graphical formats for the client, so the decision making become easier for the clients. Our company has delivered various successful MIS tools for the clients and all are different from each other..

Website & Softwares Solutions Websites & Softwares Solutions

We design elegant website which suits the customer organization profile and services. WE develop website which are SEO optimized which increase your website ranking on various search engines. According to the requirement we also design responsive websites which are compatible according to the device and adjust the resolution according to the screen resolution. We have developed many projects for the international clients also. Benefit with Bito Technologies for website designing services:-
Light Weighted Sites : We design the websites which also work in the low bandwidth connection. High quality standards are in the company designing process due to which the images and code used in the website are kept minimal.
Responsive Sites : In the case of client requirement for responsive website we design fully responsive sites which adjust the self-page design according to the screen resolution . This feature gives the perfect design according to the desktop, tablet and mobile screen.
Mobile Sites : We also design mobile sites specially designed for the mobile where the complete screen adjusted for mobile only. These pages are highly low bandwidth operational pages.
SEO Optimized Sites : With us you need not to do separate on page optimization as at the time of designing we give on page optimization like title tag, Meta tag, anchor text, on page Header text. Our SEO team clearly view the SEO optimization possibilities according to the required keywords.
Administrator Control Panel : In case of the dynamic websites we provide admin control panel from where the administrator can change the text of the website or add various content like, news, blog, images and other required content.

Mobile Applications Mobile Apps

WQsoftwares has a strong focus on Mobile Application Development such as Android Phones, Android Tablets, iPhones, iPads and Windows Phones that include basic and complex applications, utility mobile applications, games, cross-platform mobile applications and more. It also offers technology solutions of Javascript, HTML, PHP and Android for development over multi-OS platforms.

IT Consultancy IT Consultancy

WQsoftwares is certified company with PSEB (Pakistan Software Export Board) Pakistan. We provide all kinds of Softwares solutions services and IT Consultancy services to small and medium enterprises (SME's), large corporates, banks, financial institutions and various government and non-governmental organizations. WQsoftwares prides itself in providing the best assistance to existing & new entrepreneurs. We have fostered good working relationships with various state and federal agencies. Our diverse project experience has allowed us to work closely with various industrial sectors. Our goal is to integrate environmentally responsible consulting into the framework of every client's project to maximize value and reduce the environmental footprint. We are committed to contributing to the economic and environmental growth of the society in which we work. We believe in the fact that knowledge is everywhere but expertise lies within.